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    Maurice Sendak "Where The Wild Things Are" dead.

    A pretty great Avengers tribute to Sendak: http://agarthanguide.deviantart.com/art/Avengers-on-Parade-RIP-Maurice-Sendak-300848572
  2. Astrakan

    Game of Thrones

    I hear there's cheapo knock-offs on eBay that work fine, so you could probably get one for significantly less if you're willing to wait on shipping from Hong Kong.
  3. Astrakan

    The Worst Cover Art of 2012

    Re: Those Spider-man covers... It might be because having them that simplistic is very thumbnail friendly. They're starting to go that route with e-books too:
  4. Astrakan

    The Avengers

    I haven't read Marvel in about... 20 years (Jesus, when you say it like that...) but wasn't Grey Hulk a version of Hulk with some brains? Not that I have a problem with this version, just thinking aloud really. How did hey handle Hulk in the comics about the Avengers?
  5. Astrakan


    I was "meh" until the naming game. Brilliant. "Wait, was it one of those names with a 'lyn' after it?"
  6. Astrakan

    Local flooding

    I hope I don't offend anyone, but coming from a place with no major natural disasters to speak of, I've always wondered why people in the U.S. stay in areas where things like hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and major floods can happen... why not move some place where there's nothing like...
  7. Astrakan

    Is a 15 Mbps internet connection worth it?

    Of course they do, they download faster to your computer that way.
  8. Astrakan

    Snow White and The Huntsman

    Well, that certainly seems more up my alley than the farcical Mirror Mirror. Not that I'll be seeing this in theaters or anything, but at least there's no "say hello to my little friend" jokes in there... o_O
  9. Astrakan

    iPad HD

    Bob, your sister may get her iPad tomorrow instead of Wednesday. I didn't get an e-mail letting me know the delivery date changed, but when I log on to Apple's website it now says Tuesday (as does the UPS tracking number) where a few days ago it said Wednesday.
  10. Astrakan

    Official Roadtrip thread!

    Roadtrips can be a lot of fun. I've done a few bigger ones: Sweden to Andorra, then northern Italy and back up to Sweden over the course of a month San Francisco to Boston, by way of New Orleans and Washington D.C. over the course of 3 weeks Zig-zagging around in Spain over the course of 2...
  11. Astrakan

    iPad HD

    When did she place the order? Orders placed in the morning had a delivery estimate of March 16th, but by the time noon rolled around it was the 21st.
  12. Astrakan

    The iPhone/iPad App Thread

    Apparently Myst is available for iOS. I never did play it the first time around, so I'm thinking I'll get it once my wife gets her iPad.
  13. Astrakan

    The Lone Ranger

    Double-you-tee-eff. Pass. Pass, pass, pass.
  14. Astrakan

    War Horse

  15. Astrakan

    Keystone Calamity

    The Sun series of tabloids are relatively popular, but the Sun News TV station is a running joke among everyone I know. Never heard of that guy, either.