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  1. firestorm

    Both my Xboxes failed...

    For us, the Xbox controllers have soured our affinity. Ben has one of the higher end controllers, but it’s useless due to thumbstick drift. Another had bumper switch issues. A third had a wonky but funky bumper switch. For $60, they’re absolute junk compared to other controllers. But I hear that...
  2. firestorm

    RIP Eddie Van Halen

    I was a huge Van Halen fan. I don’t listen to their stuff as much anymore, but still a big fan and I probably own a much VH as I do Metallica and NIN. So sad.
  3. firestorm

    Commercial DVDs: What condition are your DVDs in today?

    I think pressed optical media has a life span of at least 50 years. As long as the reflective medium doesn't oxidize, it should remain readable, and oxidation shouldn't occur unless the pressing is poor or contaminated.
  4. firestorm

    A few additions to the farm

    Haha, awww, that's just because you're not used to seeing where your food comes from. I grew up with chickens, turkeys, rabbits, etc... all for eating. And yeah, they were hella cute, but yummy as well. I'm still waiting for Abby to turn into a vegetarian, but at least for chickens, I tell...
  5. firestorm

    Question about streaming

    At my new place, in the "co-op", all my stuff is wireless, but I have a piss ant 27" Vizio for a TV. At the other place, I ran wire to everything except the master bedroom, but I've found that it doesn't appear to make any different on Netflix and 1080p. There's only one 4K display, and that's...
  6. firestorm

    To 4k or not?

    Oh FFS! I kind of want to watch the Mandelorian too, but this is the kind of BS I hate. I know Walmart is guilty of the same sort of thing. Ugh!
  7. firestorm

    Greetings, Salutations, and Happy New Year!!!

    Me drinking! *cheers*
  8. firestorm

    Greetings, Salutations, and Happy New Year!!!

    I need to hear more about this HTL murder scandal thing. Welcome back tomkat! I still linger around from time to time.
  9. firestorm

    Happy Thanksgiving you Turkeys!

    I did nothing but binge Netflix. Friday, we had Chinese food with my family. Not a bad thanksgiving.
  10. firestorm

    Upgrade equipment time? Will Wirehed buy a JVC RS1000?

    Aww, I miss buying stuff. I'm stuck with a 27" Vizio at the moment. Sounds awesome though!
  11. firestorm

    Boulet Brothers Dragula

    Season 2 and 3 are on Netflix. 1-3 are on Amazon, but not included with Prime. It’s like Ru Paul’s Drag Race, but so much better. They’re essentially drag monsters. I’m not into filth, so some of it can be quite gross, but still a lot of fun. They’re challenged to do floor shows. They’re...
  12. firestorm

    Is this thing on?

    My head has been spinning lately, but I still check in basically daily. Occasionally I start writing a post, and it'll sit all day, then boom.... time to go home. And once I get home, I'm only on my phone and rarely my laptop. I've definitely been a bit preoccupied with life though.
  13. firestorm

    Streaming What are you watching? (Streamed Content)

    I got kind of tired of ZNation and stopped watching. It got pretty ridiculous. I’m well into season 2 of American Horror Story now, and I don’t have much to say, except that I’m loving it. Amazing show. There’s been a couple nightmare-ish moments for me, such has make anatomy getting bitten...
  14. firestorm

    Goodbye Dad

    Damn, so sorry for your loss. :(
  15. firestorm

    Car Show Weekend

    That's my favorite body style for the Chevelle and GTO. Love the 66' and '67 years.