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  1. Iguana Man

    New Tree of Life ...

    50+ extra minutes for those interested. https://www.criterion.com/current/posts/5943-getting-to-the-root-of-the-new-tree-of-life
  2. Iguana Man

    Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary 4K - $35

  3. Iguana Man

    Criterion 50% off @ B&N.

  4. Iguana Man

    Amazon Tap is on sale today for $99.

    I just purchased the Tap today after researching different "portable" speakers. The fact it was on sale was the main reason I jumped on it. Would have loved to get the Sonos 1 because of the superior sound quality but Sonos isn't truly portable. I'm actually surprised at the lack of competition...
  5. Iguana Man

    My Condolences, Ernie (EM3)

    Ernie, words can't describe the feeling of losing loved ones so I'll simply say I'm sorry for your loss. Tracy was a caring person from what I knew of her and she'll be missed by many.
  6. Iguana Man

    Wireless speaker(s) and Pandora

    I normally listen to music via Pandora from either my FireTv, DirecTv or Xbox1. When I sit on the deck, I can leave just the screen door closed and hear the living room just music fine, however, as the temps rise and the a/c is churning along, I'd like to have a speaker or two on the deck...
  7. Iguana Man

    PS4 Users - The Evil Within 2 - $20.

    I'm into my 3rd run in this game on the Xbox1. Highly recommended!
  8. Iguana Man

    Secrets Best of 2017

  9. Iguana Man

    Avengers: Infinity War

    It is here. It is awesome.
  10. Iguana Man

    Klipsch Heresy - pair $1100.

    Coupon code: SEPTEMBER drops it to $1099 w/free shipping https://www.adorama.com/kphersyiiiw2.html?sdtid=10588972&utm_source=rflaid912524
  11. Iguana Man

    Batman Gotham by Gaslight

    Bats takes on Jack the Ripper. Great comic, hopefully great film too.
  12. Iguana Man

    Die Hard Nakatomi Plaza 6 disc BR. $40

  13. Iguana Man

    Criterion's streaming service "FilmStruck" free trial.

  14. Iguana Man

    The Dark Tower

  15. Iguana Man

    Klipsch speaker deal.

    If you like the Klipsch sound, this seems like a pretty good deal. http://dealnews.com/Klipsch-Speakers-and-Subwoofer-Bundle-for-399-free-shipping/1970132.html
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  17. Iguana Man


    The stars have aligned??!?!!
  18. Iguana Man

    Atomic Blonde

    Oh hell yes.
  19. Iguana Man

    Get Out

    I hope the movie is as good as this trailer. This looks sick!
  20. Iguana Man

    Blu-ray Star Trek - TV & Movies - $80