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  1. firestorm

    Boulet Brothers Dragula

    Season 2 and 3 are on Netflix. 1-3 are on Amazon, but not included with Prime. It’s like Ru Paul’s Drag Race, but so much better. They’re essentially drag monsters. I’m not into filth, so some of it can be quite gross, but still a lot of fun. They’re challenged to do floor shows. They’re...
  2. firestorm

    Iggy, it's Lucy!

    Iggy, I found Lucy! $39,750.00 OBO! https://grandrapids.craigslist.org/cto/5955024242.html
  3. firestorm

    2 channel rigs on a budget

    At a minimum, I want to get a 2 channel rig setup in the living room. I don't need audiophile grade, but I don't want Bose like sound either. I'd love something for the backyard and garage too, though SQ is far less of a concern there. So I've been bumming around Craigslist, and came across...
  4. firestorm

    Yay! A finished basement!

    So... We bought a house, and we're already moved in. Still lots of unpacking to do, but on the top of my list is getting the home theater set back up. It won't exactly be a dedicated home theater, but the whole rig will be dedicated to movies and game, and thus can finally be optimized as...
  5. firestorm

    What happens when you don't involve IT?

    And you setup a website, with a 5 year contract and a new domain name? 5 years later, it expires, and gets picked up by some random dude that using the domain for explicit porn. He registered it back in Dec, and someone just now noticed. But hey, I got to see porn at work!
  6. firestorm

    Father's Day and 40th birthday

    ... Just around the corner. The old Brinkmann Pro Dual Zone charcoal grill has rust issues. I'd buy another in a heartbeat though. They made a lot of cheap junk, but this thing held up a long time. They're out of business. I can't find anything with 960sq.in. of cooking space. I've been...
  7. firestorm

    Hostile workplace...

    I haven't said anything about this in years, but a few may remember my troubles at work from IOIAP. So... as brief as I can put it: I've been medicated for 3 years now, and can bare things better, but our boss is still a PITA. We are short staff, but the company at least acknowledges that...
  8. firestorm

    List for Santa

    So, whatchya'll asking for this year? There isn't a lot I want these days, besides a muscle car and a new house. We bought an Xbox One for the family, which includes Forza 6 for me. I'd love to get a Thrustmaster TX race wheel setup, with the 6 speed shifter. That's only about $600. :( I'd...
  9. firestorm

    Selling Dad's boat... seeking other toys

    Last year, my Dad passed away, and I decided to keep his boat for at least one season. We built our memories, but as we haven't used it much, I've decided to let it go. Hoping to sell soon. Now I'm looking at all sorts of vehicles. Muscle cars, late model Camaros and Mustangs, 4x4s, etc...
  10. firestorm

    Moviepass - Unlimited Movies

    I didn't see this posted yet and hopefully I've placed it in an appropriate location... http://blog.moviepass.com/about-us-1/ https://www.moviepass.com/ It sounds interesting. I could never get $30/month worth of use out of it now, but there was a time when I went once a week.
  11. firestorm

    Parts Express SA240 - Rough road, great customer service

    I don't think there's anybody else here with a DIY subwoofer, besides Pyscho. FWIW, I built mine back in 2005 as a budget friendly option to get the output I wanted for movies and to meet the same level as the rest of my rig. The original SA240 started acting up when it was about 14 months...
  12. firestorm

    HTPC Software

    Whatcha running? I've wanted to implement Linux MCE for years, but never had the time or money, with the kids and other hobbies. I'd still probably try that first, but Netflix doesn't support Linux. And I'm not sure I need all that right now. I really just need something fast, simple and...
  13. firestorm

    Going sans TV for a while

    FWIW, I canceled U-Verse TV today and we're going to forgo any TV service for at least a short period. I'd otherwise sign up for DirecTV right now, but $86 per month in savings could pay for a lot of things and we're not watching as much TV lately. We'll see though... I'm pretty weak. When...
  14. firestorm

    Portable video for road trip

    We're planning a road trip to Florida for Spring Break (Ben just started Kindergarten this year) and our very old DVD player isn't going to cut it - not with two kids. I thought there would be more Blu-ray options out there, so I could finally give up the old DVD copies of children movies...
  15. firestorm

    LOAD ”A Sneak Peek At The Commodore 64x” ,8,1

    This looks awesome! Cherry key switches too! (high quality mechanical switches vs typical rubber POS membrane keyboards.) LOAD ”A Sneak Peek At The Commodore 64x” ,8,1 Commodore 64x (Images courtesy Commodore USA) Like myself, I’m pretty sure the first foray into personal computers for a lot...
  16. firestorm

    MI and Movies: Bruce Willis will be in town

    http://www.wzzm13.com/news/local/story.aspx?storyid=140360&catid=2 I recently got word that we will be forfeiting some parking for a couple days for a film crew. I got clarification today, as the crew sets up in our transit center, that they are shooting for the movie "Set Up", featuring...
  17. firestorm

    Panasonic DMP-BD85 for $137.50

    I wasn't really looking to upgrade from our DMP-BD35, but we're pretty tired the slowness and would love to have the Netflix streaming interface and 7.1 analog outs. This sounds like a good player. Any reason to consider the Samsung BD-C6500? ($140 @ BestBuy)...
  18. firestorm

    Went on a photowalk + new photo backpack

    I rarely get out and shoot anything beside family and friends. I sought out local photography groups for motivation and inspiration, and maybe make some new friends. It just so happens that the local Flickr group was going out last night, so I packed up and headed out. It was damn cold...
  19. firestorm

    Top Gear America

    Anybody planning to watch this? Airs on the 21st @ 10/9c on History. I'm a big fan of the original and a little worried about this US spin off. I've seen Tanner Foust on some supercar show. I know Rutledge Wood did some NASCAR shows on Speed (not the races). I'm really not familiar with...
  20. firestorm

    AT&T U-Verse is full of morons (Scripps Networks)

    Ok, so the internet and phone service are fine. Excellent even. U-Verse TV can kiss my ass. We're either switching back to Dish Network or going to DirecTV (they do have a whole house DVR now.) We lost Food Network, HGTV and etc.... last night...