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Boulet Brothers Dragula


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Dec 4, 2008
Season 2 and 3 are on Netflix. 1-3 are on Amazon, but not included with Prime.

It’s like Ru Paul’s Drag Race, but so much better. They’re essentially drag monsters. I’m not into filth, so some of it can be quite gross, but still a lot of fun. They’re challenged to do floor shows. They’re critiqued. Some are safe. A few are up for elimination and have to do some crazy ass shit (like stapling $100 bills to their body), and one of those is “killed” at the end of the episode.

They got down to 4, and the Boulet Brothers, who run the show, announced that the four of them would be going to Wasteland, and I got so excited! It spanned two episodes too! They did some photo shoots, a rock show, and fights in the thunder dome.

Season 2 is better. It felt more like cult like status stuff. You can tell they have more money in season 3, and they adopted some shit from Ru Paul’s Drag Race, so it seemed. There were too many things that made it feel more mainstream, sometimes as small as mentioning that prizes came from this or that official sponsor. The special effects are a lot better in 3 though. The death scenes better as a result as well


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Apr 1, 2008
Ohhh! I guess I do remember that, I just didn't remember the name of the show. I'll have to check it out.