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New old Led Zeppelin


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Oct 12, 2010
Long Valley, NJ
I hear the similarities. But I agree with Taxi. To say it was stolen is a bit of a stretch, I think. They could have taken inspiration from it, but that doesn't mean they stole anything. Anything you hear musically was inspired by another piece of music. Also from what I can tell the actual chord progressions are different (despite some of the chords being similar). For example, right at the beginning, they have the same chord, but in the Taurus song it goes to a lower chord, and Stairway to Heaven goes to a higher one. But that's just the first two chords, I didn't listen to it with that much depth after that. Now, I can't say I know how they settle these things on a legal level, but to me, it's only stolen if the chord progression is an exact copy, or almost an exact copy. In this case I'd say they are different enough to differentiate between them.

Also, why the hell would Taurus wait 30+ years to bring this to light? Why now? Why not around when it came out? It's not like Stairway to Heaven recently became famous. But on the other hand Zeppelin ripped off a good amount of their music from old blues players, and only recently gave them credit. So I'm not 100% sure what to make of it, but I do lean towards calling bullshit on it.

Iguana Man

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Apr 2, 2008
That is correct. I think the article also said something about the statute of limitations now being moot due to the re-issuing.