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Prodigal Members

Discussion in 'Site Feedback' started by Taxi, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. Taxi

    Taxi Administrator Administrator

    Portland, OR
    So, we've had quite the flood of returning members in the past couple weeks:


    Don't take my question the wrong way, because I'm NOT complaining! :D But I'm curious, were your returns at this time coincidental, or was there some communication between you? Or in other words, why did you all come back at this time?
  2. Derb

    Derb Active Member

    Vancouver, BC
    Wasn't there a full moon recently? ;)

    I actually did not know that until you pointed it out. As for my reasons for wanting to return, let's just say the other half of the Internet side is too young to have an actual independent thought on topics at hand where as I see this forum.. lets say, more mature.
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  3. raptors661

    raptors661 Northdakotian Peckerwood

    It's good to have the crew back together!
  4. Iguana Man

    Iguana Man Well-Known Member Moderator

    I think they are really one person with multiple personality disorder.
  5. limacharliewhiskey

    limacharliewhiskey Well-Known Member

    Kinda coincidence with me. I'd been checking in just once a month.

    I'd been going on a BD buying spree over the past 6 months, and just wondered if there were any good deals I'd been missing. Then I remembered this site.

    I'll try to post the Fry's Electronics sales every Friday, or at least point out notable items on sale. Fry's now seems to finally have their brick-and-mortar ads and their online website synced together so that brick-and-mortar and online customers can both get the sale prices on items.
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  6. brian

    brian Well-Known Member

    Coincidence. It seemed like a good time to come back, I guess.
  7. brian

    brian Well-Known Member

    We were the harbingers of doom :(
  8. SidcupMartin

    SidcupMartin New Member

    I think the mothership was calling us :)

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