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Upcoming Concerts You Will Be Attending

Discussion in 'Music' started by Chiprocks1, Nov 21, 2008.

  1. Chiprocks1

    Chiprocks1 New Member

    San Diego, CA
    Im going to see Motley Crue in Feburary (Saints Of Los Angeles Tour) here in San Diego.

    What shows are hitting your town that you will be attending?
  2. raptors661

    raptors661 Northdakotian Peckerwood

    I am gonna attend the Nine Inch Nails concert in Minneapolis on the 25th. I was supposed to see it 3 months ago, but it was canceled due to Trent being ill. REALLY looking forward to this.
  3. EM3

    EM3 Well-Known Member

    37.84°N 81.99°W
    Never been lucky enough to attend a live show. Sounds like boll$h!t I know. I have bought several tickets only to have mother nature take her wrath out on me. 3 examples include a freak snowstorm that kept the wife (then girlfriend) from attending a Rod Stewart concert. Meatloaf concert was cancelled by a lightning storm that made his plane return to NC so theycouldn't land here and an outdoor concert that was cancelled due to lightning.

    Needless to say I gave up concerts a long time ago and these are just a few examples.
  4. SilentBob

    SilentBob EH??? Administrator

    Nothing yet but hopefully see something i like pop up soon. Would love to see Arcade Fire, Matchbox 20, Porcupine Tree and whoever i might grow interested in.
  5. raptors661

    raptors661 Northdakotian Peckerwood

    Just got back from my trip to see Nine Inch Nails. That was seriously one of the best shows i have seen. The use of lights and screens was stunning!
    I managed to take alot of pictures, but they are all kinda blurry. My friend took a lot of video though

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  6. Chiprocks1

    Chiprocks1 New Member

    San Diego, CA
    Going to see No Doubt with Paramore on May 22, 2009. Nice to see the band get back together. No more solo stuff Gwen!
  7. raptors661

    raptors661 Northdakotian Peckerwood

    Seeing Staind in Newtown, ND on April 18th. Should be fun.
  8. Plissken

    Plissken Banned

    I'm seeing Denis Leary on April 9th, and Eric Clapton with Steve Winwood June 23rd! The latter was actually a present to my dad as the tickets went on sale the day before his birthday, and he loves Clapton, so this could not be passed up. Should be a great show!
  9. Moonraker

    Moonraker Member

    Brooklyn, NY
    Just got tickets to see U2 at Giants Stadium.

    Don't know if it will be as awesome as The Killers @ MSG :)
  10. The Max Fan

    The Max Fan Well-Known Member

    Green Day has a new CD coming out in May. They're starting a new tour in July. I'm not one that does concerts. Period. In fact, the last one I went to was probably in 1997. But I will probably look into this concert.
  11. Nagheenanajar

    Nagheenanajar Active Member

    I was a big concert go-er, but I just moved to Pittsburgh and have no family or friends in the area. My wife doesn't listen to my music and I have newborn. Safe to say I will be saving some money this year.
  12. Chiprocks1

    Chiprocks1 New Member

    San Diego, CA
    AC/DC is rolling into town this sunday. I was all set to go, but damn it. $60 bucks for nose bleeds? I'm going to have to pass on this. :(

    I might stop by and loiter outside SDSA and listen to a couple of songs before getting the boot. :D

    I remember when the most expensive seats I bought from a scalper for Van Halen 1984 Tour was...$35 for middle section on the floor. Fuck, times they sure have changed.
  13. Mac

    Mac New Member

    Seeing Chris Botti September 18th at our Fabulous Fox.

    It was going to be our yearly ritual and go see Australian Pink Floyd at the end of this month, but Noooooooooooooooooooo, they had to move from the perfect intimate Fox to our large ass Online Stock Trade arena. Mofo's on Craigslist are already asking $150 each for $46 seats.

    Assbags - the lot of 'em
  14. Mac

    Mac New Member

    Saw Chris Botti Saturday evening and the show was fantastic. Botti is known for hiring some of the best musicians around and they proved it that night. For those who love jazz, this is a show to see. I enjoy jazz, but it's not my favorite. In fact I actually detest some of the freeform jazz performed. Most probably because I don't get it. They all sound like they are playing their own music. Thankfully, he played only one song like that. Chris Botti talks a bit between songs and it's in an entertaining way. The fiance loved it and that's just as important.
  15. SilentBob

    SilentBob EH??? Administrator

    Well i'm keeping my fingers crossed for hopefully some tickets to see Porcupine Tree on Wednesday

    Also might look into trying to get some to Rob Thomas and more then likely i will see Matthew Good again. The guy rocks on stage and will be awesome to see perform the tracks form his new album being released (already listen to it 3 times and love it)
  16. Mac

    Mac New Member

    Australian Pink Floyd will be here next Tuesday at our echo dome :banghead:

    Fuck :banghead:

    Fuck :banghead:

    Fuck :banghead:

    Next year. Next year I'll go for sure.
  17. brian

    brian Well-Known Member

    I'll be seeing Brian Wilson of Beach Boys fame at Milwaukee's Pabst Theater next month, and then Andrew Bird will be performing two nights at the Pabst as well. I've been lazy with my concerts this year, only previously seeing Bonnie Prince Billy back in March.
  18. Chiprocks1

    Chiprocks1 New Member

    San Diego, CA
    I may be going to see Puscifer on Oct 31 (Halloween, baby!). They also added a 2nd performance for Nov. 1 as well.
  19. brian

    brian Well-Known Member

    This past weekend, I saw Andrew Bird perform on both 10/16 with Dosh opening, and Bird on 10/17 with St. Vincent opening.

    Both shows were filmed for an eventual DVD release, which was an interesting experience. I hope I mess up the continuity by appearing in two different locations in the audience. The first night was performed with a full band (which you can listen to in its entirety here!), while the 2nd night, Bird did his own thing by setting up the songs by setting up loops with his various instruments.

    While this video isn't from either night I saw him, this song is a good example of what the man can do on his own. I lose my shit at the 3:40 mark. The stuff before that is just him setting up the mood.

    <embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/3_G0fFemBAo&hl=en&fs=1&" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed>
  20. Ninja

    Ninja Best Broad

    The Darkness
    Concerts this week--it was insanity, music wise.

    I saw 8 bands in the space of 6 days. Let me explain.

    No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

    Regina Spektor Don't think you need an introduction to her.

    Opening act: Jupiter One.

    I don't think Pirate cared for them--being as he described them as "making out in the back of a shag covered van with a cooler full of Zimas," but I didn't think they were that bad. They are poppy and had some synth loopy things going on. The songs were catchy, but none really stuck with me. The song I like best is "Find Me A Place" which sounds melodically very Police-esque to me.

    Regina: Amazing, as expected. I thought during her first song on SNL sounded a bit shaky (probably due to nerves) but she hit her stride by the time she toured and was nearly flawless in person. I can't say any more about her than has probably already been said.

    Imogen Heap is a one woman electronic show, typically, making every part of her album based on sounds she's created, taken from her house, flocks of birds, and a host of instruments that she has at her disposal from piano, to keytar, to an mbira. If you are a soundtrack person, you'll know her from various movies including Garden State and The Holiday, and shows like the OC.

    Opening Act 1: Back Ted N-Ted
    This guy was pretty amazing in person. He is also very electronic in his creation; his band is a bunch of computer equipment and his guitar. He's really high energy and generally a nice guy from what I saw of him. This is very much club music--a genre I find tiresome, but in person, I have to say it was compelling to watch. I liked the structure of his songs more thatn that of the next guy.

    Opening Act 2: Tim Exile
    This one is an out and out DJ--and until I saw him, I didn't think DJs were all that impressive. At times during the show my jaw dropped because of all the things he was simultaneously mixing together, created entirely from passing a mic around the audience and having them make noises. His "regular" songs (where he actually sang) were not my favorite, his timing in singing was very much like something that should have been in the background, not a melody to go with the song. I think I'd have preferred if he'd all out rapped, but as it was, I enjoyed hearing his created music much better, in his off the cuff, fly by the seat of his pants kind of way. No one could stand still while he was on stage. What kills me is that most of the stuff on his myspace page sounds like Moby, which was not at all the vibe I got in person. I can't find any media to share with you that can capture what I saw, and that's sad--it's what amazed me.

    Imogen Heap: This is the type of girl you can't take to a wet T-shirt contest. She's completely wired. She had microphones taped to her wrists, for god's sake. She used everything from glasses of water, something that looked like an old barstool modified to be an instrument, and those whirly tubes you spin around that make that "whoooooo" noise. In addition, Piano, Keytar, Mbira, and even the crowd were used as she directed us to sing background for her song "Just For Now." Even with cable issues and other flubs (when everything you do is electronic, 1 or 2 of those 1,000 cables are bound to fail) she was so fun to watch and stayed after to meet everyone. She is also about 6'5", I swear. She is an amazon. Back Ted N-Ted and Tim Exile backed her up, with a drummer. It was cool to see them all work together, as the last time I saw her, she did everything all by herself.

    Amanda Palmer: Formerly of the Dresden Dolls, Amanda's style of Punk Cabaret is pretty infectious.

    Opening Act 1: Bitch
    I first heard of Bitch from the group "Bitch and Animal" and more specifically from their song "Croquet," a rap song about--you guessed it--Croquet. I thought it was hilarious. Bitch at the last minute showed up to play as a special extra opener, and she played only violin and ukulele. She had an electric violin that made it sound like she was shredding on a guitar. Her style was somewhat folky when she played this time.
    Blasted (visit her site to see the player) sounds a bit like Ani DiFranco
    I'm still figuring her out.

    Opening Act 2: Nervous Cabaret
    A fairly uptempo group, drums, guitars, horns, and a song about Mel Gibson. The lead singer has an indirect approach to singing...I'm not sure how to take it. He can sing but is often not where you expect him in the song. The best description I could find (because it's early, and I can't expand much myself, is "Frontman Elyas Khan emits throaty howls and practically spits out his dense and dramatic lyrics." Or, "The band´s sound crashes from violent to fragile in staggered stride, rips the heart out of the room only to offer it to the wallflower."
    His last name is Khan. Come on!

    Amanda: This woman has so much boundless energy it is amazing. She puts on one hell of a show, and Nervous Cabaret, who played as her backup for much of her set, were so in tune with her it was like they'd played for years instead of the last couple of months. She made us laugh, cry, dance, and sing. Her cover of "Look Mummy, No Hands," http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6njqs1FYyPg made everyone so silent, all the better to hear everyone trying to hold back the sniffles. She completely rocked the house with Leeds United and Oasis, and threw herself into every song she did. She then stayed for hours signing things for fans and talking to everyone. She signed my ukulele! :)

    So now, I'm at work, depressed that I can't continue this rock and roll lifestyle.
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