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What Are You Looking At? (DVD/Blu-ray Edition)

Discussion in 'Software' started by Pirate, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. SilentBob

    SilentBob EH??? Administrator

    The Lego Batman Movie :star::star::star::halfstar::nostar:
    PQ: 5/5
    3D: 3.75/5
    AQ: 4/5

    A fun movie that enjoyed making fun of itself and the many forms Batman has taken over his many years. Some great laughs but also has a few moments where the story kind of lags/lacks the high energy set from the beginning of the film. The 3D was pretty good but at times wish the could of pushed the boundaries with the action a bit, same with the first Lego Movie. Would of been great if the old fashion 60's Bam! Whap! and various other sound bubbles came flying at you out of the screen. The audio was overall good, but wish it had a bit more bass and a proper Atmos track Warned Bros. Still loved them mouthing off all the guns shots with the pew!pew!pew! So a recommend from me
  2. SilentBob

    SilentBob EH??? Administrator

    PASSENGERS :star::star::star::halfstar::nostar:

    Well I think I kept my expectations sort of low with the overall reviews it received and found myself enjoying the film in the end. I found it close to be in the same vein as I Am Legend with the thought of isolation, no contact from any human beings even when they surround you. Which played well in that movie because you saw Shrek playing in the background and played on the that tale, until he meets someone. Anyways I won't spoil anything but sort of wish the ending stuck to a different route. The audio was overall good with the Neural X helping provide a close too Atmos like sound that the UHD disc once again gets, but not us 3D viewers. Plus the 3D I didn't think was that bad either. Great use of depth with interior shots and especially when venturing into outer depths of space. Didn't really notice and popouts but I was fine with that, and would recommend the movie overall as a Rental or a very cheap purchase down the road.
  3. SilentBob

    SilentBob EH??? Administrator

    INFERNO 4K:star::star::nostar::nostar::nostar:
    PQ: 4.75/5
    AQ(Atmos): 4.75/5

    Well this was easily the weakest of the Dan Brown films. This thing moves at a snails pace and didn't have the exciting puzzle problem solving excitement like the first two films did. It contains them, but they don't really hit that bit of energy until the last 30-40 minutes of the movie. Plus I kind of saw where it was going early on with the baddies intent/planning of said events leading to the epic finale. Overall though the 4K UHD presentation is just shy of reference quality in both audio and video. The city flybys look absolutely stunning, plus the fiery visions of Dantes Hell look amazingly bright and disgustingly clear. The reds come just shy of making your eyes bleed with their intensity in brightness/colour saturation. Plus the UHD disc provides a Dolby Atmos track which is lacking on the Blu-ray Disc. The sound is great with some wonderful overhead flybys of drones, helicopters and birds. I just found the music lacking the intensity that the last 2 movies provided. So I say skip it
  4. Iguana Man

    Iguana Man Well-Known Member Moderator

    I enjoyed this a lot.
  5. SilentBob

    SilentBob EH??? Administrator

    SOUND CITY :star::star::star::star::halfstar:
    PQ: 4.5/5
    AQ: 4.5/5

    Man anything Dave Grohl wants to do music wise, let the man do his thing. Loved the history of this place and him getting the artists and former workers to talk about the ups, downs and misgivings through the years. This man loves music and I love his passion that you see here and in his awesome Sonic Highways series he did. The picture quality was overall pretty good but you do have the archive footage that doesn't hold up to today's standards but great to have. The audio was also overall good but needed to crank it a bit for the speaking parts and slightly down when the fantastic music kicked in. I just wish they had footage for all the tracks that were made for its soundtrack. We get some for the film and some as extras, but not all of them. As they are a blast to watch in how the idea is formed and how it evolves from simply rifting back and forth and to adding something to the track when you think they were done. It is a must see:beerchug:
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